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Caeiago Horse Riding Centre

The Team


Lesley Jones

caeiago horse riding centre - Lesley Jones

Lesley Jones

Lesley took over Cae Iago Riding Centre at the end of 1998 when Lesley’s
parents, Morag and Charlie, decided to retire.

Lesley has spent all her life at Cae Iago and has been involved with the business since
she could ride. She worked for the business full time since she left school at the age of
17 with the exception of one year spent in London and Northern Ireland. She has been a
ride leader since she was 17, a partner in the business since she was 24 and involved in
every aspect of the operation.

Lesley’s special talent was taking complete beginners and helping them to enjoy
their first experience on a horse with confidence and safety. Few people can have
introduced more people to the joys of horse riding than Lesley. However, these days, she gets few chances to ride, consequently we no longer take complete beginners. Lesley is always happy to help and advise anybody.

The Welsh Trekking and Riding Association have awarded her their highest qualification,
Operator’s Diploma, in their officially recognised training programme.

Lesley works very hard running the whole business: the house and kitchen, as well as the riding. She is an excellent cook and enjoys producing
the sort of home made cakes and meals few people have time to prepare for themselves these


Charlie Pollak

caeiago horse riding centre - Charlie Pollak

Charlie riding Kash

Charlie is a legend in the Riding Holiday Business. He and his wife Morag (also
affectionately known as Pug) started Cae Iago over 35 years ago. Since then they and
Lesley, their daughter, have taken tens of thousands of people riding in the hills around
Cae Iago, including former President of the United States Jimmy Carter and many other
public figures.

Charlie has lived in the area since he was 14 and has a wealth of knowledge
about the countryside. While in the saddle he will have many tales to tell you
of local history, and the flora and fauna of these hills and valleys.

He is a unique character and loved by everyone. There can be few ride leaders in the
world who are more experienced or entertaining than Charlie.

Roddy Jones

caeiago horse riding centre - Roddy Jones

Roddy has been at Caeiago since 2006 and now runs the business with Lesley. Prior to Caeiago he ran his own construction company for over 25 years and still does this on a part-time basis when the opportunity arises.

He is a qualified Trek Leader and has proven to be a real asset to Caeiago as he is a man of many talents; be ready for his dry sense of humour and banter.

caeiago horse riding centre - Roddy Jones


Nina Davies


Nina Joined our team in 2015, She lives locally just outside Ffarmers. Nina is married with 3 children and now manages to combine being a mum and being our Trek leader. She has always had horses since a young age and grown up riding around the welsh hills around  Tregaron and Llanddewi Brefi.



Associate Members!



caeiago horse riding centre - Dee

Dee our Welsh sheep dog loves coming along on horse riding and trekking trips here at Caeiago.

caeiago horse riding centre - Bella

Bella enjoying the sun;
A favourite at Caeiago Riding Centre with the horses and guests alike.

caeiago horse riding centre - Elsa

Elsa is a welcome new addition here at Caeiago Riding Centre.

Past Members: Popsy & Meg


Popsy and Angellica


Meg keeping watch over the horses


Tigsy – In her favourite postion, on the quad bike.
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