How to choose a horse riding holiday.

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Photo: Did anyone see this photograph and the little right up about Caeiago in the recent British Horse Magazine?????

These days a riding holiday especially in the U.K can be a costly business with all the hidden costs that the centre has to endure to be able to run safely and legally; consequently before booking do make sure that you take the time to do some background research to choose the perfect riding experience.

Your budget will obviously be your first major decision and then what exactly you want to get out of the whole experience.

Do you want the freedom to ride in the fresh air over beautiful countryside and see areas that would be hard to find any other way? If so then a trail riding break or a centre based hacking holiday is for you.

If per chance you want to improve your riding skills then a more instructional package would be the perfect choice or maybe even a combination of the two…..

Do make sure that you choose a holiday to suit your experience and make sure that you are honest about this and any medical issues you may have when booking for your own enjoyment and safety.

Some holidays cater for all ages and levels of experience; others are more specific so this again would be another factor to take in to consideration.

With some packages you are offered accommodation on site and these are usually in a group / family type environment where you can get more involved with the horses and your surroundings. Others offer hotel/guest house accommodation nearby with riding going from a different location. There is also the trail riding experience going from place to place either camping or staying in accommodation along the way.

In every case do have suitable riding gear. A riding hat which is up to the current safety standards will be a must for everyone and these days many riders opt to wear a body protector especially when participating in jumping or faster riding.

Sensible riding boots like this one pictured from Equestrian Clearance is a must too and if Jodhpur boots are your preference, a pair of half chaps is a good idea to stop any pinching.


Fleeces or a warm riding coat are a must for the hardy riders that venture away during the Winter months and a waterproof coat, waterproof leggings or chaps are a must especially if holidaying in the UK!!!!

Riding gloves to stop any blisters are well worth investing in and a crop for those of you who will be riding in a schooling environment.

Whatever your choice do make sure that the centre has the appropriate licensing and is approved and inspected by the relevant societies  and have the required qualified leaders and first aiders.






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